ISSN(Print) : 1975-0102
eISSN(online) : 2093-7423

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July 2014, Volume 9 Number 4

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1137-1144 A Phase-shifter for Regulating Circulating Power Flow in a Parallel-feeding AC Traction Power System PDF
  Corresponding author : Kyu-Hyoung Choi (Seoul National University of Science and Technology,Korea)
1145-1153 Development of a Reclosing Scheme for Reduction of Turbine Generator Shaft Torsional Torques: A Decision Method to Achieve Optimal Reactor Capacity PDF
  Corresponding author : Chul-Hwan Kim (Sungkyunkwan University, Korea.)
1154-1162 Developing a New Risk Assessment Methodology for Distribution System Operators Regulated by Quality Regulation Considering Reclosing Time PDF
  Corresponding author : S. Saboorideilami (Islamic Azad University, Kermanshah, Iran.)
1163-1170 Transmission Network Expansion Planning for the Penetration of Renewable Energy Sources ? Determining an Optimal Installed Capacity of Renewable Energy Sources PDF
  Corresponding author : Jin-O Kim (Hanyang University, Korea.)
1171-1181 Power Quality Early Warning Based on Anomaly Detection PDF
  Corresponding author : Wei Gu (Southeast University, China)
1182-1187 Energy Management Strategy and Adaptive Control for SMES in Power System with a Photovoltaic Farm PDF
  Corresponding author : Jung-Wook Park (Yonsei University, Seoul, Korea.)
1188-1195 Reliability Evaluation of Electrical Distribution Network Containing Distributed Generation Using Directed-Relation-Graph PDF
  Corresponding author : Kai-Gui Xie (Chongqing University, Chongqing, P.R. China)
1196-1201 Estimating PMSG Wind Turbines by Inertia and Droop Control Schemes with Intelligent Fuzzy Controller in Indian Development PDF
  Corresponding author : Josephine. R. L† (Coimbatore Institute of Technology)
1202-1209 Integrated Optimization of Combined Generation and Transmission Expansion Planning Considering Bus Voltage Limits PDF
  Corresponding author : Wook Kim† (Pusan National University, Korea.)
1210-1216 An Applicability of Teager Energy Operator and Energy Separation Algorithm for Waveform Distortion Analysis : Harmonics, Inter-harmonics and Frequency Variation PDF
  Corresponding author : Soo-Hwan Cho (Sangmyung University,Korea)
1217-1228 Fault Line Detection Methodology for Four Parallel Lines on the Same Tower PDF
  Corresponding author : Botong Li (Tianjin University, China)
1229-1239 Power Losses Reduction via Simultaneous Optimal Distributed Generation Output and Reconfiguration using ABC Optimization PDF
  Corresponding author : J.J. Jamian (Universiti Teknologi Malaysia, Malaysia)
1240-1247 Optimal DG Placement in a Smart Distribution Grid Considering Economic Aspects PDF
  Corresponding author : Wirote Buaklee (Kasetsart University, Thailand)
1248-1257 Maintenance Priority Index of Overhead Transmission Lines for Reliability Centered Approach PDF
  Corresponding author : Jong-Keun Park (Seoul National University, Seoul, Korea)
1258-1268 Comparative Study of the Behavior of a Wind Farm Integrating Three Different FACTS Devices PDF
  Corresponding author : Luis M. Fernandez (University of Cadiz, EPS Algeciras, Spain)
1269-1276 Design and Analysis of SEPIC Converter Based MPPT for Solar PV Module with CPWM PDF
  Corresponding author : R. Ramesh (Anna University Chennai, Tamilnadu, India)
1277-1282 Efficiency Improvement for Concentrated Flux IPM Motors for Washing Machines PDF
  Corresponding author : Byung-il Kwon (Hanyang University, Korea)
1283-1289 Effect of Circuit Parameters on Stability of Voltage-fed Buck-Boost Converter in Discontinuous Conduction Mode PDF
  Corresponding author : Ren-Xi Gong (Guangxi University, China)
1290-1295 Comparison of Power Loss and Magnetic Flux Distribution in Octagonal Wound Transformer Core Configurations PDF
  Corresponding author : Mehmet Aytac Cinar (Kocaeli University, Turkey)
1296-1308 Analysis and Implementation of a New ZVS DC Converter for Medium Power Application PDF
  Corresponding author : Bor-Ren Lin (National Yunlin University of Science and Technology, Taiwan)
1309-1314 Measurement of Stator Core Loss of an Induction Motor at Each Manufacturing Process PDF
  Corresponding author : Chang-Seop Koh (Chungbuk National University, Korea)
1315-1323 Optimum Rotor Shaping for Torque Improvement of Double Stator Switched Reluctance Motor PDF
  Corresponding author : Mohammadali Tavakkoli (Isfahan University of Technology, Iran.)
1324-1331 Compensation PWM Technique for Extended Output Voltage Range in Three-Phase VSI Using Three Shunt Resistors PDF
  Corresponding author : Byoung-Kuk Lee (Sungkyunkwan University, Korea)
1332-1342 A Novel Circuit for Characteristics Measurement of SiC Transistors PDF
  Corresponding author : Hee-Jun Kim (Hanyang University, Korea.)
1343-1348 Optimization and Characterization of Gate Electrode Dependent Flicker Noise in Silicon Nanowire Transistors PDF
  Corresponding author : P. Anandan (SKP Engineering College, India.)
1349-1354 A Study on Optimization of Compact High-voltage Generator Based on Magnetic-core Tesla Transformer PDF
  Corresponding author : Moon-Qee Lee (University of Seoul, Korea.)
1355-1359 A 2D Analytical Modeling of Single Halo Triple Material Surrounding Gate (SHTMSG) MOSFET PDF
  Corresponding author : P. Suveetha Dhanaselvam (Velammal College of Engg & Technology, Madurai,India.)
1360-1364 Investigation of the Finite Planar Frequency Selective Surface with Defect Patterns PDF
  Corresponding author : Ic-Pyo Hong (Kongju National University, Korea)
1365-1368 CPW-fed to CPS Dipole Antenna of Microstrip Tapered Balun with Triangular Loop Director PDF
  Corresponding author : Hyeonjin Lee (Dongkang College University, Korea.)
1369-1374 Diagnosis of Medium Voltage Cables for Nuclear Power Plant PDF
  Corresponding author : Che-Wung Ha (KHNP Central Research Institute, Korea.)
1375-1384 Flashover Prediction of Polymeric Insulators Using PD Signal Time-Frequency Analysis and BPA Neural Network Technique PDF
  Corresponding author : S. Chandrasekar (Gnanamani College of Technology, India)
1385-1393 On-line Temperature Monitoring of the GIS Contacts Based on Infrared Sensing Technology PDF
  Corresponding author : Qingmin Li (North China Electric Power University, Beijing, China.)
1394-1400 A Simulator for Calculating Normal Induced Voltage on Communication Line PDF
  Corresponding author : Chul-Hwan Kim (Sungkyunkwan University, Korea)
1401-1410 Satellite Fault Detection and Isolation Scheme with Modified Adaptive Fading EKF PDF
  Corresponding author : Chan Gook Park (Seoul National University, Korea)
1411-1417 Multi-symbol Accessing Huffman Decoding Method for MPEG-2 AAC PDF
  Corresponding author : Tae-Gyu Chang (Chung-Ang University, Korea.)
1418-1425 Spatial Compounding of Ultrasonic Diagnostic Images for Rotating Linear Probe with Geometric Parameter Error Compensation PDF
  Corresponding author : Myoung Hwan Choi (Kangwon National University, Chuncheon, Korea)
1426-1436 Intelligent Approach for Segmenting CT Lung Images Using Fuzzy Logic with Bitplane PDF
  Corresponding author : Z. Faizal Khan (Anna University, India)
1437-1445 A Novel Linearization Method of Sin/Cos Sensor Signals Used for Angular Position Determination PDF
  Corresponding author : Dragan ?ivanovi? (University of Ni?, Faculty of Electronic)