ISSN(Print) : 1975-0102
eISSN(online) : 2093-7423

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March 2015, Volume 10 Number 2

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443-451 Estimating Stability of MTDC Systems with Different Control Strategy PDF
  Corresponding author : Hak-Man Kim (Incheon National University)
452-464 DC Microgrid Operational Method for Enhanced Service Reliability Using DC Bus Signaling PDF
  Corresponding author : Seon-Ju Ahn (Chonnam University)
465-473 Preventive Control for Transient Security with Generation Rescheduling Based on Rotor Trajectory Index PDF
  Corresponding author : Kusum Verma (Malaviya National Institute of Technology)
474-486 A Multi-objective Placement of Phasor Measurement Units Considering Observability and Measurement Redundancy using Firefly Algorithm PDF
  Corresponding author : K. Arul jeyaraj (PSNA College of Engineering & Technology)
487-495 Power System Oscillations Damping by Robust Decentralized DFIG Wind Turbines PDF
  Corresponding author : Tossaporn Surinkaew (King Mongkut’s Institute of Technology Ladkrabang)
496-503 Inertial Control of a DFIG-based Wind Power Plant using the Maximum Rate of Change of Frequency and the Frequency Deviation PDF
  Corresponding author : Yong Cheol Kang (Chonbuk National University)
504-510 Hierarchical Voltage Control of a Wind Power Plant Using the Adaptive IQ-V Characteristic of a Doubly-Fed Induction Generator PDF
  Corresponding author : Yong Cheol Kang (Chonbuk National University)
511-517 A New Required Reserve Capacity Determining Scheme with Regard to Real time Load Imbalance PDF
  Corresponding author : Yong Tae Yoon (Seoul National University)
518-528 Performance Analysis and Experimental Verification of Buck Converter fed DC Series Motor using Hybrid Intelligent Controller with Stability Analysis and Parameter Variations PDF
  Corresponding author : I. Thangaraju (Government college of Engineering Bargur)
529-538 A New Approach for Constant DC Link Voltage in a Direct Drive Variable Speed Wind Energy Conversion System PDF
  Corresponding author : R. Jeevajothi (Kalasalingam University)
539-544 Effect of IPMSM d-q Axis Parameters According to Magnetic Saturation and Armature Reaction PDF
  Corresponding author : Kibong Jang (Changwon national University)
545-550 Designs of 10 MW Air-core and Iron-core HTS Wind Power Generators PDF
  Corresponding author : In-Keun Yu (Changwon national University)
551-559 A Comparative Study of Operating Angle Optimization of Switched Reluctance Motor with Robust Speed Controller using PSO and GA PDF
  Corresponding author : V. Vasan Prabhu (Anna University)
560-573 Performance Improvement of a Bidirectional DC-DC Converter for Battery Chargers using an LCLC Filter PDF
  Corresponding author : Kyo-Beum Lee (Ajou University)
574-585 Modeling and Experimental Validation of 5-level Hybrid H-bridge Multilevel Inverter Fed DTC-IM Drive PDF
  Corresponding author : Saad Mekhilef (University of Malaya)
586-594 Maximum Efficiency Operation of Three-Level T-type Inverter for Low-Voltage and Low-Power Home Appliances PDF
  Corresponding author : Byoung-Kuk Lee (Sungkyunkwan University)
595-602 A Novel Wound Rotor Type for Brushless Doubly Fed Induction Generator PDF
  Corresponding author : Xin Chen (Huazhong University of Science and Technology)
603-609 Surface Discharge Characteristics Study on the Laminated Solid Insulator in Quasi-Uniform Electric Field with Dry Air PDF
  Corresponding author : Sungwoo Bae (Yeungnam Univesrity)
610-615 Research on the Relation between Transformer Oil Flow Electrification and Electrostatic Current PDF
  Corresponding author : Xuejun Xie (Wuhan University)
616-624 S-Transform Based Time-Frequency Analysis of Leakage Current Signals of Transmission Line Insulators under Polluted Conditions PDF
  Corresponding author : A. Natarajan (Annai Mathammal Sheela Engineering College)
625-633 Modification of DC Flashover Voltage at High Altitude on the Basis of Molecular Gas Dynamics PDF
  Corresponding author : Fu-Sheng Guo (Yantai Electric Power Bureau)
634-640 Design and Analysis of Microstrip Line Feed Toppled T Shaped Microstrip Patch Antenna using Radial Basis Function Neural Network PDF
  Corresponding author : Mohammad Aneesh (University of Allahabad)
641-646 A Fully Optimized Electrowinning Cell for Achieving a Uniform Current Distribution at Electrodes Utilizing Sampling-Based Sensitivity Approach PDF
  Corresponding author : Dong-Hun Kim (Kyungpook National University)
647-652 Electrohydrodynamic Analysis of Dielectric Guide Flow Due to Surface Charge Density Effects in Breakdown Region PDF
  Corresponding author : Se-Hee Lee (Kyungpook National University)
653-658 An Optimal Design of the Compact CRLH-TL UWB Filter Using a Modified Evolution Strategy Algorithm PDF
  Corresponding author : Hyeong-Seok Kim (Chung-Ang University)
659-669 A Novel Algorithm for Face Recognition From Very Low Resolution Images C. PDF
  Corresponding author : C. Senthilsingh (Anna University)
670-675 CAD Scheme To Detect Brain Tumour In MR Images using Active Contour Models and Tree Classifiers PDF
  Corresponding author : R.Helen (Thiagarajar College of Engineering)
676-687 G2 Continuity Smooth Path Planning using Cubic Polynomial Interpolation with Membership Function PDF
  Corresponding author : Uk-Youl Huh (Inha University)
688-698 Power Quality Control of Hybrid Wind Power Systems using Robust Tracking Controller PDF
  Corresponding author : Ho-Chan Kim (Jeju National Univesrity)
699-707 Robust Multi-Layer Hierarchical Model for Digit Character Recognition PDF
  Corresponding author : Jie Yang (Wuhan University of Technology)