ISSN(Print) : 1975-0102
eISSN(online) : 2093-7423

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May 2016, Volume 11 Number 3

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543-550 Analysis of an Active Superconducting Current Controller (ASCC) Considering the Transient Stability and OCR Operation in Transmission and Distribution Systems PDF
  Corresponding author : Ahmad Ghafari Gusheh (Islamic Azad University)
551-559 Optimal Placement of Distributed Generators in Radial Distribution System for Reducing the Effect of Islanding PDF
  Corresponding author : Narayanan. K (Malaviya National Institute of Technology)
560-574 Power System Harmonic Estimation Based on Park Transform PDF
  Corresponding author : Tianyao Ji (South China University of Technology)
575-584 Reliability Evaluation of a Distribution System with wind Turbine Generators Based on the Switch-section Partitioning Method PDF
  Corresponding author : Hongbin Wu (Hefei University of Technology)
585-591 A New Algorithm to Reduce the Mal-Operation of DOCR in Bi-directional Power Distribution Systems PDF
  Corresponding author : Jae-Eon Kim (Chungbuk National University)
592-601 New Modeling of Switching Devices Considering Power Loss in Electromagnetic Transients Program Simulation PDF
  Corresponding author : Seung-Mook Baek (Kongju National University)
602-608 New Simulation Method of Flashover Rate by Connection of EMTP and MATLAB PDF
  Corresponding author : Chul-Hwan Kim (Sungkyunkwan University)
609-617 An Off-line Maximum Torque Control Strategy of Wound Rotor Synchronous Machine with Nonlinear Parameters PDF
  Corresponding author : Geun-Ho Lee (Kookmin University)
618-628 Analysis and Application of Repetitive Control Scheme for Three-Phase Active Power Filter with Frequency Adaptive Capability PDF
  Corresponding author : Biaoguang Sun (South China University of Tech)
629-638 State-of-Charge Balancing Control of a Battery Power Module for a Modularized Battery for Electric Vehicle PDF
  Corresponding author : Chung-Yuen Won (Sungkyunkwan Univ.)
639-643 Development and Performance Investigation on 60kW Induction Motor for EV Propulsion PDF
  Corresponding author : Pil-Wan Han (Korea Electrotechnology Research Institute)
644-652 Improved Single-Stage AC-DC LED-Drive Flyback Converter using the Transformer-Coupled Lossless Snubber PDF
  Corresponding author : Gang-Youl Jeong (Soonchunhyang University)
653-661 Capacitance Estimation Method of DC-Link Capacitors for BLDC Motor Drive Systems PDF
  Corresponding author : Jang-Mok Kim (Pusan National University)
662-669 Improved Sliding Mode Controller for Shunt Active Power Filter PDF
  Corresponding author : Abdelhalim Kessal (Bordj Bou Arreridj University)
670-674 Hybrid Pulse Width Modulation Strategy for Wide Speed Range in IPMSM with Low Cost Drives PDF
  Corresponding author : Sung-chul Go (Samsung Electronics Co.)
675-682 A Cost-Effective, Single-Phase Line-Interactive UPS System that Eliminates Inrush Current Phenomenon for Transformer-Coupled Loads PDF
  Corresponding author : Byung-il Kwon (Hanyang University)
683-689 Investigation of Degradative Signals on Outdoor Solid Insulators Using Continuous Wavelet Transform PDF
  Corresponding author : Cengiz Polat Uzunoglu (Istanbul University)
690-698 Investigation on the Dielectric, Physical and Chemical Properties of Palm Oil and Coconut Oil under Open Thermal Ageing Condition PDF
  Corresponding author : Norhafiz Azis (Universiti Putra Malaysia)
699-706 Partial Discharge Characteristics in LLDPE-Natural Rubber Blends: Correlating Electrical Quantities with Surface Degradation PDF
  Corresponding author : Mohd Hafizi Ahmad (Universiti Teknologi Malaysia)
707-714 Low Frequency Vibration Energy Harvester Using Stopper-Engaged Dynamic Magnifier for Increased Power and Wide Bandwidth PDF
  Corresponding author : Dae Heum Kim (Kwangwoon University)
715-723 PSO-Based Optimal PI(D) Controller Design for Brushless DC Motor Speed Control with Back EMF Detection PDF
  Corresponding author : Deacha Puangdownreong (South-East Asia University)
724-732 Sampled-Data Observer-Based Decentralized Fuzzy Control for Nonlinear Large-Scale Systems PDF
  Corresponding author : Jin Bae Park (Yonsei University)
733-740 Dynamic Simulation of Modifiable Bipedal Walking on Uneven Terrain with Unknown Height PDF
  Corresponding author : Ki-Baek Lee (Kwangwoon University)
741-745 A Sufficient Condition for the Feedback Quasilinearization of Control Mechanical Systems PDF
  Corresponding author : Jeom Keun Kim (Hallym University)
746-750 Dilution of Precision Relationship between Time Difference of Arrival and Time of Arrival Techniques with No Receiver Clock Bias PDF
  Corresponding author : Chansik Park (Chungbuk National University)
751-758 Dynamic Simulation of Modifiable Walking Pattern Generation to Handle Infeasible Navigational Commands for Humanoid Robots PDF
  Corresponding author : Bumjoo Lee (Myongji University)
759-768 Acoustic Sources Localization in 3D Using Multiple Spherical Arrays PDF
  Corresponding author : Xi Pan (Beijing Institute of Technology)
769-774 Improved Mutual MRAS Speed Identification Based on Back-EMF PDF
  Corresponding author : Hong Zheng (University of Electronic Sci&Tech of China)
775-780 Research on the Correlation of Control Malfunction with Induced Voltage of Control Signal Line According to Voltage Change of a Power Line PDF
  Corresponding author : Ju Lee (Hanyang University)
781-789 A 3-D Steady-State Analysis of Thermal Behavior in EHV GIS Busbar PDF
  Corresponding author : Jin Lei (Wuhan University)