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eISSN(online) : 2093-7423

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May 2015, Volume 10 Number 3

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709-718 Flexible Transmission Expansion Planning for Integrating Wind Power Based on Wind Power Distribution Characteristics PDF
  Corresponding author : Jianxue Wang (Xian Jiantong University, China.)
719-728 Field Implementation of Voltage Management System (VMS) into Jeju Power System in Korea PDF
  Corresponding author : Jeonghoon Shin (KEPRI)
729-739 Algorithm for Fault Detection and Classification Using Wavelet Singular Value Decomposition for Wide-Area Protection PDF
  Corresponding author : Chul-Hwan Kim (Sungkyunkwan University)
740-754 Comparison of the Operational Speed of Hard-wired and IEC 61850 Standard-based Implementations of a Reverse Blocking Protection Scheme PDF
  Corresponding author : Mkhululi Elvis Siyanda Mnguni (Cape Peninsula University of Technology, South Africa)
755-765 Methods for Adding Demand Response Capability to a Thermostatically Controlled Load with an Existing On-off Controller PDF
  Corresponding author : Yong Tae Yoon (Seoul National University, Korea)
766-776 Development of Fault Detector for Series Arc Fault in Low Voltage DC Distribution System using Wavelet Singular Value Decomposition and State Diagram PDF
  Corresponding author : Chul-Hwan Kim (Sungkyunkwan University, Korea)
777-785 Analysis of Induction Motor-pump System Supplied by a Photovoltaic Generator for Agricultural Irrigation in Southeastern Anatolian Region of Turkey PDF
  Corresponding author : Bilal Gumus (Dicle University, Turkey.)
786-794 Complementary Power Control of the Bipolar-type Low Voltage DC Distribution System PDF
  Corresponding author : Gilsung Byeon (KERI)
795-803 An Adaptive Autoreclosure Scheme with Reference to Transient Stability for Transmission Lines PDF
  Corresponding author : Chul-Hwan Kim (Sungkyunkwan University, Korea.)
804-811 An Optimal Procedure for Sizing and Siting of DGs and Smart Meters in Active Distribution Networks Considering Loss Reduction PDF
  Corresponding author : S. Golshannavaz (Urmia University, Iran)
812-819 A Faulty Synchronous Machine Model for Efficient Interface with Power System PDF
  Corresponding author : Amangaldi Koochaki (Islamic Azad University,Iran)
820-831 A Congestion Management Approach Using Probabilistic Power Flow Considering Direct Electricity Purchase PDF
  Corresponding author : Chuan-Wen Jiang (Shanghai Jiao Tong University,China)
832-837 Short-term Electric Load Forecasting Based on Wavelet Transform and GMDH PDF
  Corresponding author : Juneho Park (Pusan National University, Korea.)
838-846 A Study on the Control Method of Customer Voltage Variation in Distribution System with PV Systems PDF
  Corresponding author : Dae-seok Rho (Korea University of Technology,Korea)
847-858 Coordinated Control Strategy and Optimization of Composite Energy Storage System Considering Technical and Economic Characteristics PDF
  Corresponding author : Fengbing Li (Chongqing University,China)
859-864 Analysis for Evaluating the Impact of PEVs on New-Town Distribution System in Korea PDF
  Corresponding author : Sang-Bong Choi (KERI)
865-876 An Analytical Solution for Voltage Stability Studies Incorporating Wind Power PDF
  Corresponding author : Li-Bao Shi (Tsinghua University, China)
877-887 Voltage Stability Prediction on Power System Network via Enhanced Hybrid Particle Swarm Artificial Neural Network PDF
  Corresponding author : Zi-Jie Lim (UTM Skudai, Malaysia)
888-894 Towards Cyber Security Risks Assessment in Electric Utility SCADA Systems PDF
  Corresponding author : Don Hur (Kwangwoon University,Korea)
895-904 Transmission Network Expansion Planning Using Reliability and Economic Assessment PDF
  Corresponding author : Jin-O Kim (Hanyang University, Korea.)
905-915 Space-vector PWM Techniques for a Two-Phase Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor Considering a Reduction in Switching Losses PDF
  Corresponding author : Byung-il Kwon (Hanyang University, Korea.)
916-924 A New Random PWM Technique for Conducted-EMI Mitigation on Cuk Converter PDF
  Corresponding author : C. Krishnakumar (Jansons Institute of Technology, India.)
925-934 Takagi-Sugeno Fuzzy Model-Based Approach to Robust Control of Boost DC-DC Converters PDF
  Corresponding author : Yong Kim (Dongguk Univ. Korea.)
935-943 Optimal Design of Permanent Magnetic Actuator for Permanent Magnet Reduction and Dynamic Characteristic Improvement using Response Surface Methodology PDF
  Corresponding author : Sung-Chin Hahn (Dong-A University, Korea.)
944-951 Application of Bacterial Foraging Algorithm and Genetic Algorithm for Selective Voltage Harmonic Elimination in PWM Inverter PDF
  Corresponding author : D. Maheswaran (TNPL,India)
952-957 Air-Barrier Width Prediction of Interior Permanent Magnet Motor for Electric Vehicle Considering Fatigue Failure by Centrifugal Force PDF
  Corresponding author : Yong-Jae Kim (Chosun University, Korea.)
958-964 Dynamic Analysis of Double Excited 3-DOF Motor Modeling Using Equivalent Magnetic Circuit PDF
  Corresponding author : Byung-Il Kwon (Hanyang University, Korea.)
965-970 Optimal Design of Multi-DOF Deflection Type PM Motor by Response Surface Methodology PDF
  Corresponding author : Zheng Li (Hebei University of Science and Technology, China.)
971-982 The Power Analysis and Its Control of Two-phase Orthogonal Power Supply for the Continuous Casting PDF
  Corresponding author : Fujun Ma (Hunan University, China.)
983-989 Prediction of Change in Equivalent Circuit Parameters of Transformer Winding Due to Axial Deformation using Sweep Frequency Response Analysis PDF
  Corresponding author : M. Arul Sathya (Anna University,Iran)
990-1001 Development of Analytical Models for Switched Reluctance Machine and their Validation PDF
  Corresponding author : R. Jayapragash (St. Joseph’s Institute of Technology, India.)
1002-1006 Design and Analysis of Permanent Magnet Synchronous Generator Considering Magnetically Coupled Turbine-Rotor System PDF
  Corresponding author : Han-Wook Cho (Chungnam National University, Korea.)
1007-1014 Genetic Algorithm Based Design Optimization of a Six Phase Induction Motor PDF
  Corresponding author : Z. Fazlipour (Shahid Chamran University of Ahvaz,Iran)
1015-1024 Low Cost and High Performance UPQC with Four-Switch Three-Phase Inverters PDF
  Corresponding author : Hong-Hee Lee (University of Ulsan, Korea)
1025-1034 Improved Method for Calculating Magnetic Field of Surface-Mounted Permanent Magnet Machines Accounting for Slots and Eccentric Magnet Pole PDF
  Corresponding author : Yu Zhou (Naval University of Engineering,China)
1035-1047 Nonlinear Observer-based Control of Synchronous Machine Drive System PDF
  Corresponding author : Marijo Sundrica (Power Plant and Electric Traction Engineering, Croatia)
1048-1057 Parallel Sensorless Speed Control using Flux-axis Current for Dual SPMSMs Fed by a Single Inverter PDF
  Corresponding author : Woo-Hyen Kwon (Kyung-pook National University, Korea.)
1058-1065 Current Dynamically Predicting Control of PMSM Targeting the Current Vectors PDF
  Corresponding author : Kai Jing (Hebei University of Technology,China)
1066-1074 Partial O-state Clamping PWM Method for Three-Level NPC Inverter with a SiC Clamp Diode PDF
  Corresponding author : Dong-Seok Hyun (Hanyang University, Korea.)
1075-1080 Proposal of Potted Inductor with Enhanced Thermal Transfer for High Power Boost Converter in HEVs PDF
  Corresponding author : Byoung-Kuk Lee (Sungkyunkwan University, Korea.)
1081-1085 A Pair Dipole Antenna with Double Tapered Microstrip Balun for Wireless Communications PDF
  Corresponding author : Hyeonjin Lee (Dongkang College, Korea.)
1086-1092 Analysis of Off-Line and On-Line Partial Discharge in High Voltage Motor Stator Windings PDF
  Corresponding author : Hee-Dong Kim (KEPCO)
1093-1101 Partial Discharge Localization Based on Detailed Models of Transformer and Wavelet Transform Techniques PDF
  Corresponding author : Seyed Mohammad Hassan Hosseini (Islamic Azad University,Iran)
1102-1106 The Surface Modification of Electrode with Solid Electrolyte Interphase for Hybrid Supercapacitor PDF
  Corresponding author : Dae-Yong Jeong (Inha University, Korea.)
1107-1113 Study on Influences and Elimination of Test Temperature on PDC Characteristic Spectroscopy of Oil-Paper Insulation System PDF
  Corresponding author : Xiao Liu (Chongqing University, China.)
1114-1123 The Investigation on Thermal Aging Characteristics of Oil-Paper Insulation in Bushing PDF
  Corresponding author : Rui-jin Liao (Chongqing University, China.)
1124-1130 Space Charge Behavior of Oil-paper Insulation Thermally Aged under Different Temperatures and Moistures PDF
  Corresponding author : Yuan-Xiang Zhou (Tsinghua University, China.)
1131-1137 Electrical Characteristics of Enhancement-Mode n-Channel Vertical GaN MOSFETs and the Effects of Sidewall Slope PDF
  Corresponding author : In Man Kang (Kyungpook National University, Korea)
1138-1143 Effects of Fabrication Process Variation on Impedance of Neural Probe Microelectrodes PDF
  Corresponding author : Il-Joo Cho (KIST)
1144-1153 Resonant Frequency Estimation of Reradiation Interference at MF from Power Transmission Lines Based on Generalized Resonance Theory PDF
  Corresponding author : Tang Bo (China Three Gorges University, China.)
1154-1161 Semi-lumped Balun Transformer using Coupled LC Resonators PDF
  Corresponding author : Jae Yeong Park (Kwangwoon University,Korea)
1162-1168 Effects of Dried Days on Properties of Seawater and Freshwater Flooded CSPE in NPPs PDF
  Corresponding author : Yong-Deok Shin (Wonkwang University, Korea.)
1169-1173 Microfabrication of Vertical Carbon Nanotube Field-Effect Transistors on an Anodized Aluminum Oxide Template Using Atomic Layer Deposition PDF
  Corresponding author : Sunghwan Jung (Dankook University, Korea)
1174-1180 Trichel Pulse in Negative DC Corona discharge and Its Electromagnetic Radiations PDF
  Corresponding author : Ji-Ting Ouyang (Beijing Institute of Technology, Beijing, China.)
1181-1187 Lightning Impulse Breakdown Characteristic of Dry-Air/Silicone Rubber Hybrid Insulation in Rod-Plane Electrode PDF
  Corresponding author : Kee-Joe Lim (Chungbuk National University, Korea)
1188-1200 A New Unified Scheme Computing the Quadrature Weights, Integration and Differentiation Matrix for the Spectral Method PDF
  Corresponding author : Sangkyung Sung (Konkuk University, Korea.)
1201-1211 Non-Linear Error Identifier Algorithm for Configuring Mobile Sensor Robot PDF
  Corresponding author : Prakasam.P (Anna University, India.)
1212-1220 Kalman Randomized Joint UKF Algorithm for Dual Estimation of States and Parameters in a Nonlinear System PDF
  Corresponding author : Behrouz Safarinejadian (Shiraz University of Technology, Iran.)
1221-1226 Development of a Multiple SMPS System Controlling Variable Load Based on Wireless Network PDF
  Corresponding author : Yoon Sang Kim (Korea University of Technology and Education, Korea.)
1227-1232 Cascade Selective Window for Fast and Accurate Object Detection PDF
  Corresponding author : Shu Zhang (University of Electronic Science and Technology of China, China.)
1233-1243 Automatic Method for Contrast Enhancement of Natural Color Images PDF
  Corresponding author : Shyam Lal (NITK Surathkal, India.)
1244-1254 A Tuning Algorithm for LQ-PID Controllers using the Combined Time - and Frequency-Domain Control Method PDF
  Corresponding author : Hyung-Woo Lee (Korea National University of Transportation, Korea.)
1255-1263 Robust Discretization of LTI Systems with Polytopic Uncertainties and Aperiodic Sampling PDF
  Corresponding author : Jin Bae Park (Yonsei University, Korea)
1264-1274 Human Action Recognition Bases on Local Action Attributes PDF
  Corresponding author : Weizhi Nie (Tianjin University,China)
1275-1283 Markov Chain of Active Tracking in a Radar System and Its Application to Quantitative Analysis on Track Formation Range PDF
  Corresponding author : Juseop Lee (Korea University,Korea)
1284-1292 An Approach for Security Problems in Visual Surveillance Systems by Combining Multiple Sensors and Obstacle Detection PDF
  Corresponding author : Dong-Joong Kang (Pusan National University, Korea.)
1293-1297 Introduction of Insulation Coordination for UHV AC Systems PDF
  Corresponding author : Eungbo Shim (KEPCO Research Institute)
1298-1303 A Diesel Generator Model with Fluctuating Engine Torque Including Magnetic Saturation for Transient Analysis using XTAP PDF
  Corresponding author : Orie Sakamoto (Sophia University, Japan.)
1304-1310 Compensation for Photovoltaic Generation Fluctuation by Use of Pump System with Consideration for Water Demand PDF
  Corresponding author : Masaki Imanaka (The University of Tokyo, Japan.)
1311-1318 Versatile Shunt Hybrid Power Filter to Simultaneously Compensate Harmonic Currents and Reactive Power PDF
  Corresponding author : Hong-Hee Lee (University of Ulsan, Korea)
1319-1327 Remote Monitoring with Hierarchical Network Architectures for Large-Scale Wind Power Farms PDF
  Corresponding author : Young-Chon Kim (Chonbuk National Universityl,Korea)
1328-1334 Voltage Measurement Accuracy Assessment System for Distribution Equipment of Smart Distribution Network PDF
  Corresponding author : Juyong Kim (KEPRI)
1335-1341 Decentralized Vehicle-to-Grid Design for Frequency Regulation within Price-based Operation PDF
  Corresponding author : Young Gyu Jin (Chonbuk National University, Korea.)
1342-1348 On the Use of Maximum Likelihood and Input Data Similarity to Obtain Prediction Intervals for Forecasts of Photovoltaic Power Generation PDF
  Corresponding author : Joao Gari da Silva Fonseca Junior (University of Tokyo, Japan)
1349-1355 Analysis of Contact Force in Eddy-current System Using the Virtual Air-Gap Concept PDF
  Corresponding author : Il Han Park (Sungkyunkwan University, Korea.)
1355-1361 A Study on the Evaluation Algorithm for Performance Improvement in PV Modules PDF
  Corresponding author : Dae-seok Rho (Korea University of Technology,Korea)
1363-1369 Dynamic Droop-based Inertial Control of a Wind Power Plant PDF
  Corresponding author : Yong Cheol Kang (Chonbuk National University, Korea.)
1370-1376 A Study on a Catenary Impedance Estimation Technique using Boosting Current Compensation Based on Current Division Characteristics of an AT Feeding System PDF
  Corresponding author : Hosung Jung (Korea Railroad Research Institute, Korea.)
1377-1382 Primary Restoration Path Selection Considering Ferranti Effect and Reactive Power Capability of Black-start Generators PDF
  Corresponding author : Heung-Jae Lee (Kwangwoon University, Korea.)
1383-1388 Optimized Digital Proportional Integral Derivative Controller for Heating and Cooling Injection Molding System PDF
  Corresponding author : Kang-Yeon Lee (Chosun College of Science & Technology, Korea.)