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eISSN(online) : 2093-7423

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May 2017, Volume 12 Number 3

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0-0 Cover Vol.12, No.3 PDF
  Corresponding author : Cover (Cover)
989-995 Wind Power Interval Prediction Based on Improved PSO and BP Neural Network PDF
  Corresponding author : Jidong Wang (Key Laboratory of Smart Grid of Ministry of Education)
996-1006 Optimal Placement of Phasor Measurement Unit for Observation Reliability Enhancement PDF
  Corresponding author : He-sheng ZHANG (Beijing Jiaotong University)
1007-1015 Active and Reactive Power Control of ESS in Distribution System for Improvement of Power Smoothing Control PDF
  Corresponding author : Jae-Eon Kim (Chungbuk National University)
1016-1026 Detection of Voltage Sag using An Adaptive Extended Kalman Filter Based on Maximum Likelihood PDF
  Corresponding author : Yanhui Xi (Changsha University of Science & Technology)
1027-1037 Hybrid BFPSO Approach for Effective Tuning of PID Controller for Load Frequency Control Application in an Interconnected Power System PDF
  Corresponding author : S.Anbarasi (Mepco Schlenk Engineering College)
1038-1045 An Investigation Into the Impact of Limiting Carbon Emissions on the Korean Power System and the Electricity Market PDF
  Corresponding author : Hyeongon Park (Seoul National University)
1046-1052 The Study on the Efficient HVDC Capacity Considering Extremely Low Probability of 765kV Double Circuit Transmission Lines Trip PDF
  Corresponding author : Bong-Soo Moon (Korea University)
1053-1063 Enhanced Markov-Difference Based Power Consumption Prediction for Smart Grids PDF
  Corresponding author : Yiwen Le (Beijing Jiaotong University)
1064-1072 Dynamic Economic Dispatch for Microgrid Based on the Chance-Constrained Programming PDF
  Corresponding author : Zhihui Wu (Guangxi Medical University)
1073-1081 Modelling of Magneto-Elastic Phenomena in Inductive Dynamic Drive PDF
  Corresponding author : Piotr Jankowski (Gdynia Maritime University)
1082-1089 Improved DC Model and Transfer Functions for the Negative Output Elementary Super Lift Luo Converter PDF
  Corresponding author : Faqiang Wang (Xi’an Jiaotong University)
1090-1100 Comparison of Starting Current Characteristics for Three-Phase Induction Motor Due to Phase-control Soft Starter and Asynchronous PWM AC Chopper PDF
  Corresponding author : Veera Thanyaphirak (King Mongkut’s Institute of Technology Ladkrabang)
1101-1107 A Fast and Robust Grid Synchronization Algorithm of a Three-phase Converters under Unbalanced and Distorted Utility Voltages PDF
  Corresponding author : Rae-Yong Kim (Hanyang University)
1108-1113 Bidirectional Quasi-Cuk DC/DC Converter with Reduced Voltage Stress on Capacitor and Capability of Changing the Output Polarity PDF
  Corresponding author : Elias Shokati Asl (University of Tabriz)
1114-1123 Mover Field Oriented Control of Linear Permanent-Magnet Vernier Motor Considering Loss Minimization PDF
  Corresponding author : Wenxiang Zhao (Jiangsu University)
1124-1136 Improved Direct Power Control of Shunt Active Power Filter with Minimum Reactive Power Variation and Minimum Apparent Power Variation Approaches PDF
  Corresponding author : Tapankumar Trivedi (Marwadi Education Foundation’s Group of Institutions)
1137-1145 Online Dead Time Effect Compensation Algorithm of PWM Inverter for Motor Drive Using PR Controller PDF
  Corresponding author : Tae-Uk Jung (Kyungnam University)
1146-1155 The Optimal Controller Design of Buck-Boost Converter by using Adaptive Tabu Search Algorithm Based on State-Space Averaging Model PDF
  Corresponding author : Kongpan Areerak (Suranaree University of Technology)
1156-1165 A High Performance Interleaved Bridgeless PFC for Nano-grid Systems PDF
  Corresponding author : Hee-Jun Kim (Hanyang University)
1166-1176 Sensorless Control of Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motors with Compensation for Parameter Uncertainty PDF
  Corresponding author : Yongle Mao (Zhejiang University)
1177-1186 Torque Ripple Reduction in Direct Torque Control of Five-Phase Induction Motor Using Fuzzy Controller with Optimized Voltage Vector Selection Strategy PDF
  Corresponding author : Kyo-Beum Lee (Ajou University)
1187-1194 A Non-isolated High Step-up DC/DC Converter with Low EMI and Voltage Stress for Renewable Energy Applications PDF
  Corresponding author : Mohammad Rouhollah Yazdani (Islamic Azad University)
1195-1202 A New Approach to Improve Induction Motor Performance in Light-Load Conditions PDF
  Corresponding author : Sadegh Hesari (Islamic Azad University)
1203-1210 Neutral-point Potential Balancing Method for Switched-Inductor Z-Source Three-level Inverter PDF
  Corresponding author : Xiaogang Wang (Guangzhou University)
1211-1218 Performance Analysis of Magnetic Power Pads for Inductive Power Transfer Systems with Ferrite Structure Variation PDF
  Corresponding author : Byoung Kuk Lee (Sungkyunkwan Univ.,Korea)
1219-1226 Design Rules of Hybrid Stepping Machine for Free Piston Engine PDF
  Corresponding author : Sung-In Jeong (R&D Center, Daelim Motor)
1227-1234 Mathematical Model of Two-Degree-of-Freedom Direct Drive Induction Motor Considering Coupling Effect PDF
  Corresponding author : Jikai Si (Henan Polytechnic University)
1235-1244 Fuzzy Controlled ZVS Asymmetrical PWM Full-bridge DC-DC Converter for Constant load High Power Applications PDF
  Corresponding author : Marikkannan. A (Sree Sowdambika College of Engineering)
1245-1249 Detailed Study on Insulation Coordination of a 25kV Power System Connected with a VCB and Transformer PDF
  Corresponding author : Byung-San Baek (Hyundai Heavy Industries)
1250-1256 Adaptive Adjustment of Radiation Properties for Entire Range of Axial Ratio using a Parasitic Microstrip Polarizer PDF
  Corresponding author : Hosung Choo (Hongik University)
1257-1261 Simple Analysis Method for the Interrupting Capability of a Contact System in a Molded Case Circuit Breaker PDF
  Corresponding author : Seung-Wook Jee (Dodam Engineering Co., Korea.)
1262-1270 Simplified 2-Dimensional Scaled Min-Sum Algorithm for LDPC Decoder PDF
  Corresponding author : Ki-Seok Chung (Hanyang University)
1271-1279 Control of Robot Manipulators Using Time-Delay Estimation and Fuzzy Logic Systems PDF
  Corresponding author : Maolin Jin (Korea Institute of Robot and Convergence)
1280-1285 Performance of Iterative Soft Decision Feedback Equalizers for Single-Carrier Transmission PDF
  Corresponding author : Kyungho Kim (Dankook University)
1286-1291 An Indoor Positioning Method using IEEE 802.11 Channel State Information PDF
  Corresponding author : Joon Goo Park (Kyungpook National University)
1292-1298 Nonlinear Identification of Electronic Brake Pedal Behavior Using Hybrid GMDH and Genetic Algorithm in Brake-By-Wire System PDF
  Corresponding author : Jong-Hae Kim (Catholic University of Daegu)
1299-1306 Disturbance Observer based Boundary Tracking for Environment Monitoring PDF
  Corresponding author : Juhoon Back (Kwangwoon University)
1307-1313 Towards Choosing Authentication and Encryption: Communication Security in Sensor Networks PDF
  Corresponding author : Hyun-chong Cho (Kangwon National University)
1314-1319 Development of a Handheld Sheet Resistance Meter with the Dualconfiguration Four-point Probe Method PDF
  Corresponding author : Kwang-Min Yu (Korea Research Institute of Standards and Science)
1320-1326 Contact Loss Simulator to Analyze the Contact Loss of a Rigid Catenary System PDF
  Corresponding author : Jae-Moon Kim (Korea National University of Transportation)