ISSN(Print) : 1975-0102
eISSN(online) : 2093-7423

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September 2014, Volume 9 Number 5

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1447-1453 Real-Time Maximum Power Point Tracking Method Based on Three Points Approximation by Digital Controller for PV System PDF
  Corresponding author : Jung-Wook Park (Yonsei University, Seoul, Korea)
1454-1470 A Simple Power Management Scheme with Enhanced Stability for a Solar PV/Wind/Fuel Cell Fed Standalone Hybrid Power Supply using Embedded and Neural Network Controller PDF
  Corresponding author : Saravanan. S (Kongu Engineering College)
1471-1481 Power Loss Modeling of Individual IGBT and Advanced Voltage Balancing Scheme for MMC in VSC-HVDC System PDF
  Corresponding author : Jung-Wook Park (Yonsei University)
1482-1488 Reliability Evaluation Technique for Electrical Distribution Networks Considering Planned Outages PDF
  Corresponding author : Bo Hu (Chongqing University)
1489-1494 Hardware-in-the-loop Simulation Method for a Wind Farm Controller Using Real Time Digital Simulator PDF
  Corresponding author : Gyeong-Hun Kim (Korea Electrotechnology Research Institute)
1495-1500 Power Interruption Costs to Commercial Customers of Electricity in Korea PDF
  Corresponding author : Kil-Sin Kim (Korea Electric Power Research Institute)
1501-1510 A Techno-Economic Feasibility Analysis on LVDC Distribution System for Rural Electrification in South Korea PDF
  Corresponding author : Il-Yop Chung (Kookmin University)
1511-1519 Modeling of a Compressed Air Energy Electrification by Using Induction Generator Based on Field Oriented Control Principle PDF
  Corresponding author : Veerapol Monyakul (King’s Mongkut’s University of Technology Thonburi)
1520-1526 Probabilistic Assessment of Total Transfer Capability Using SQP and Weather Effects PDF
  Corresponding author : Sang-Bong Rhee (Yeungnam University)
1527-1536 Optimal Excitation Angles of a Switched Reluctance Generator for Maximum Output Power PDF
  Corresponding author : Pairote Thongprasri (King Mongkut’s Institute of Technology)
1537-1543 Single Input Multi Output DC/DC Converter: An Approach to Voltage Balancing in Multilevel Inverter PDF
  Corresponding author : M. R. Banaei (Azarbaijan Shahid Madani University)
1544-1550 An Adaptive Optimization Algorithm Based on Kriging Interpolation with Spherical Model and its Application to Optimal Design of Switched Reluctance Motor PDF
  Corresponding author : Chang-Seop Koh (Chungbuk National University)
1551-1561 Time Domain Based Digital Controller for Buck-Boost Converter PDF
  Corresponding author : Vijayalakshmi, S (Saranathan College of Engineering)
1562-1568 Control-to-output Transfer Function of the Open-loop Step-up Converter in CCM Operation PDF
  Corresponding author : Faqiang Wang (Xi’an Jiaotong University)
1569-1576 Torque Ripple Minimization in Direct Torque Control of Brushless DC Motor PDF
  Corresponding author : Zhenguo Li (Yanshan University, China)
1577-1518 Minimization of Torque Ripple for an IPMSM with a Notched Rotor Using the Particle Swarm Optimization Method PDF
  Corresponding author : Pan Seok Shin (Hongik Univerity)
1582-1591 A Simple Strategy for Sensorless Speed Control for an IPMSM During Startup and over Wide Speed Range PDF
  Corresponding author : Kyo-Beum Lee (Ajou University)
1592-1601 A Novel Single Phase Soft Switched PFC Converter PDF
  Corresponding author : Nihan ALTINTA? (Yildiz Technical University)
1602-1613 Design and Control of an Optimized Battery Charger for an xEV Based on Photovoltaic Power Systems PDF
  Corresponding author : Byoung-Kuk Lee (Sungkyunkawn University)
1614-1622 Flux Sliding-mode Observer Design for Sensorless Control of Dual Three-phase Interior Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor PDF
  Corresponding author : Lei Yuan (Naval University of Engineering)
1623-1631 Inductances Evaluation of a Squirrel-Cage Induction Motor with Curved Dynamic Eccentricity PDF
  Corresponding author : Xiaohua Bao (Hefei University of Technology)
1632-1642 Analysis of an Interleaved Resonant Converter for High Voltage and High Current Applications PDF
  Corresponding author : Bor-Ren Lin (National Yunlin University of Science and Technology)
1643-1653 Development of LED Street Lighting Controller for Wind-Solar Hybrid Power System PDF
  Corresponding author : Jae-Hyeon Gim (Sunchon National University)
1654-1659 Investigation of InAs/InGaAs/InP Heteroju PDF
  Corresponding author : In Man Kang (Kyungpook National University)
1660-1669 Investigations on PD Characteristics of Thermal aged Palm and Corn Oil for Power Transformer Insulation Applications PDF
  Corresponding author : S.Chandrasekar (Gnanamani College of Technology)
1670-1676 Analysis of Tunnelling Rate Effect on Single Electron Transistor PDF
  Corresponding author : Sheela. L (Anna University)
1677-1685 Prediction of Flashover and Pollution Severity of High Voltage Transmission Line Insulators Using Wavelet Transform and Fuzzy C-Means Approach PDF
  Corresponding author : K.Karpagavani (Sona College of Technology)
1686-1693 Investigation on Oil-paper Degradation Subjected to Partial Discharge Using Chaos Theory PDF
  Corresponding author : Yiyi Zhang (Guangxi University)
1694-1703 On the Lightning Induced Voltage Along Overhead Power Distribution Line PDF
  Corresponding author : Mahdi Izadi (Islamic Azad Univeristy)
1704-1711 Corona generated Radio Interference of the 750 kV AC Bundle Conductors in Sandy and Dusty Weather Condition in the High Altitude Area PDF
  Corresponding author : Lei Zhu (North China Electric Power University)
1712-1718 Analysis of the Effects of SD Plasma on Aerodynamic Drag Reduction of a High-speed Train PDF
  Corresponding author : Hyeok-Bin Kwon (Korea National University of Transportation)
1719-1723 The Effects of (Ba0.4Ca0.6)SiO3 Nano Spheroidization Glass Additives on the Microstructure and Microwave Dielectric Properties of Ba(Zn1/3Ta2/3)O3 Ceramics PDF
  Corresponding author : Jung Rag Yoon (SAMWHA CAPACITOR Co.LTD)
1724-1728 Resistive Grounding Technique of Heat Sink for Reducing Radiation Noise PDF
  Corresponding author : Chang-Hoi Ahn (Yeungnam University)
1729-1738 Virtual Environment Modeling for Battery Management System PDF
  Corresponding author : Yan Zhang (Chongqing University)
1739-1745 Software Fault Prediction at Design Phase PDF
  Corresponding author : O. P Vyas (National Institute of Technology)
1746-1752 An Application of Proportional-Resonant Controller in MMC-HVDC System under Unbalanced Voltage Conditions PDF
  Corresponding author : Eel-Hwan Kim (Jeju National University)
1753-1761 Ultrasonic Flaw Detection in Composite Materials Using SSP-MPSD Algorithm PDF
  Corresponding author : BENAMMAR Abdessalem (Welding & NDT Research Center)
1762-1773 Distributed Coding Scheme for Multi-view Video through Efficient Side Information Generation PDF
  Corresponding author : Jisang Yoo (Kwangwoon University)
1774-1779 3-D Inverse Dynamics Analysis of the Effect of Maximum Muscle Force Capacities on a Musculoskeletal System PDF
  Corresponding author : Kyungho Kim (Dankook University)
1780-1787 Robust Design of Pulse Oximeter Using Dynamic Control and Motion Artifact Detection Algorithms PDF
  Corresponding author : Gil won Yoon (Seoul National university of Science and Technology)